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1.         The Tenant may not have more than one pet of any kind.
2.        The Landlord may not allow a pet weighing more than 20 lbs. without specific authorization on a case-by-case basis.
3.      Tenant must provide proof that a pet is licensed, has had its appropriate inoculations and has been either neutered or spayed.
4.      The Tenant must clean up after his/her pet. This includes inside and outside the apartment and the surrounding grounds.
5.      Pets must be on a leash and accompanied by the Tenant when outside of the apartment.
6.      Pets are not allowed in the Community Building.
7.      Birds must be caged at all times.
8.      The Tenant will  not  purposely allow their pet to defecate or urinate in any part or the apartment or apartment building.
9.      All pets must be house-trained.
10.    The tenant will not allow the pet to make undue noise that will disturb the other tenants in the community.
1.      If  damages arc  caused by  a pet  during a Tenant's residency, the  tenant must  pay  for  the cost of repairs and  do so within 30 days of completion.
2.      The  Tenant is required to pay a pet deposit.  After the  Tenant has  moved  from the  unit, the  Landlord agrees to refund the Tenant's pet deposit minus any  damages done by the  pet.
If, upon  move-out, the  damages caused by  the  pet  exceed the  pet  deposit, the  balance will be taken out of the Tenant's security deposit.
3.      Pet deposits are as follows.
DOG - $100.00
CAT - $100.00
BIRD - $50.00


1.      The  Tenant must  provide the  Landlord with   written verification that, during a  Tenant's absence, emergency care  will  be provided for  the  pet.   Verification must  be in the form of a written agreement signed by the Tenant and  the person providing emergency care.
2.      Neither the Landlord nor his representatives will be responsible for providing pet care at any time. Should emergency care be unavailable, the Landlord will have no choice but to contact the animal Humane Society.
3.      If a Tenant volunteers to care for  another Tenant's pet,  he/she will  be entirely  responsible for  it including the care, feeding and damages caused by the pet.
1.  The Tenant should have liability insurance. The tenant is entirely responsible and liable for any injuries occurring as a result of the pet biting or attacking anyone on the premises.
2.      No employee of Wheeler Management Group, Ltd. will be required to go into an apartment if the pet is vicious.
3.      If  the  pet attacks a person in the building or on the surrounding grounds, the tenant must immediately dispose of the pet or move out of the complex.

The following fines have been set for  those Tenants Who do not abide by the rules:

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